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Harvest Bend, The Meadow

The pool area is provided for the enjoyment of homeowners who are current with their maintenance fees.  The pool is typically open from the end of May to early September (Labor Day).     There are several pool rules by which each user of the pool shall adhere.   These include:

How to Get Pool Tags Before Pool Opens
How to Get Pool Tags After Pool Opens
Who is Eligible to Get Pool Tags
Pool Application Form
Letter to Homeowners re pool tag usage

Days and Times Pool is open
Pool Rules
Pool Committee Responsibilities
Lifeguard Usage of Pool Policy
Pool Communications Policy

Pool -- How to Arrange for Party at the Pool
Pool -- Why do we have safety swim time each hour?
Pool - Swim Safety Item
Pool -- Everyone Entering the Pool

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Policy Statement -- H-Rec Lifeguard Usage of Pool Policy, June 2008

Purpose:  This policy statement documents the previous verbal agreements on when H-Rec lifeguards, assigned to The Association pool, may or may not use The Association pool.

·    When not on duty, Lifeguards assigned to The Association may use the pool to give swim lessons whether the pool is open or closed.   Typically, swim lessons would not be on Mondays as this is the day the pool is cleaned and chemicals applied.
·    Lifeguards may not use the pool when the pool is closed, except to give swim lessons as stated above.
·    When not on duty, lifeguards and three guests may use The Association pool during regular pool hours.  For entry into the pool/pavilion area, H-Rec identification is required and guests must each pay $0.50.
·    When on duty, lifeguards may not bring guests as entertaining guests may interfere with their duties.

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Pool Communications Policy, July 2008            
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Board Responsiblities
·    Reach agreement with pool management company on a contract.  Our contract is with Houston Recreation Management (H-Rec).   The contract is administered by H-Rec and TCM.  TCM is the Association’s management company and is represented by Patricia Ortiz
·    Keith Austin is the Board’s liaison with H-Rec, TCM, and the pool committee.
·    Give the pool committee member(s) a copy of the contract with H-Rec.
·    Working with TCM, ensure that The Terms and Agreement of the contract with H-Rec are adhered to. 
·    Ensure that there is resolution of all properly reported non-compliances and incidents.  Typically this will be at the monthly Board meetings; or real-time if needed.
·    Ensure contract administration is in-compliance with the HOA Rules and Regulations
·    In case of an HS&E issue, when notified, the Board shall respond immediately and appropriately.
·    If Board members are advised by a homeowner of a pool or pool facilities concern, incident, non-compliance, etc., ask the homeowner to contact  TCM for resolution.
·    Maintain statistics on pool usage. 

Houston Recreation Management Company and Their Employee Responsibilities
·    The Terms and Agreement of the contract between the Association and H-Rec shall be adhered to.  This includes calling 911 immediately when needed.
·    Any questions about administration of the contract shall be discussed with Harvest Bend’s TCM representative.
·    Lifeguards shall only receive supervision/management/direction from H-Rec Management.  Never from the Association or any of their representatives.  
·    Lifeguards may discuss with the pool committee member(s) any points of clarification, etc.
·    H-Rec management shall immediately resolve any contract non-compliances.
·    Lifeguards shall use a chalkboard sign (or similar) stating why the pool is closed at those times that the pool is closed during normal operating hours (for example, closed due to bad weather, closed for pool maintenance, closed for shocking the pool, etc.).  This sign is placed at the front entrance to the pool when the pool is closed.  
·    The lifeguards shall maintain a log of ALL incidents in and around the pool (for example, stubbed bleeding toe, no first aid kit available, unhappy parent, pool closed during normal work hours due to having to shock the pool, etc.) and report these to the management of H-Rec the same day as the occurrence.  H-Rec Management shall a) resolve as appropriate and b) document the incident and H-Rec resolution and send a copy to our TCM representative (for resolution, if needed).  H-Rec and TCM should work together to correct and resolve any incidents.  
·    Lifeguards ensure that anyone entering into the pool/pavilion area (that is, anywhere inside the wrot iron fence) have current year pool tags or are guests of a homeowner that has current year pool tags and pay the visitor fee of $0.50.
·    Lifeguards ensure that anyone entering the pool/pavilion area signs the “HBTM Pool Records” log, that pool tags are collected and filed in the recipe box.  Return the pool tags when the person leaves the pool/pavilion area.  NOTE:  By agreement with the lifeguards,  a pool committee representative may oversee these tasks when at the pool.
·    Lifeguards ensure that any guests are accompanied by a homeowner with current year’s pool tag and pay $0.50.  NOTE:   By agreement with the lifeguards, a pool committee representative may also oversee this task.
·    There is no smoking allowed in the pavilion area.
·    The Incident Log, the Attendance Pool Records logs, and all money collected shall be given to the Board at the monthly meeting.  These items can be delivered by H-Rec personnel or by the Pool Committee Chairperson.  The board President may pick up the Attendance Pool Records log prior to the monthly board meeting so perform a usage analysis.

Pool Committee
·    Responsible for preparing for and distributing pool tags prior to pool opening.  Information and supplies are in the storage area at the pool .    The pool committee along with H-Rec management shall ensure that the pool is indeed ready to be opened for the season.  A walk-through should be performed. 
·    Pool Committee chair should have a key(s) to appropriate areas in the pool and, as an emergency back-up to H-Rec, should be familiar with pool maintenance, shut-off valves, etc.
·    The pool committee shall maintain current and on display in the pool area all the required pool signs (hours of operation, rules and regulations, etc.). 
·    The pool committee shall be responsible for ensuring that signs stating that any homeowner complaints about the lifeguards, the pool, the facilities, etc., shall be made by the homeowner to the TCM representative are posted in a couple of places at the pool.  Signs shall show names and phone numbers of appropriate contacts.  The pool committee may listen to homeowner complaints and then encourage the homeowner to call TCM.
·    The pool committee is responsible to check that the lifeguards meet the requirements, have the training, provide the services, and maintain the pool and facilities as stated in the contract (specifically, clauses 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 [excluding section on wages and insurance], 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, and Exhibit B).  Any of these types of non-compliances shall immediately be reported, in writing, to the TCM representative.
·    The pool committee shall not supervise, manage, or direct of the lifeguards.  Due to co-employer issues and as per the contract, this is the responsibility of Houston Recreation Management.  Any observed issues or concerns shall be reported to H-Rec for resolution with the lifeguards.  The Board liaison and TCM shall also be advised.
·    The pool committee shall report, in writing, any contractual or lifeguard non-compliances to the Board at the monthly meeting.
·    In case of an HS&E issue, pool committee shall respond immediately and appropriately.  Then advise TCM who will then advise the Board.
·    The committee should also make suggestions for improvement/change at the pool to the board as appropriate.
·    By agreement with the lifeguards, the pool committee may assist the lifeguards in ensuring that anyone and everyone entering the pool/pavilion area signs the “HBTM Pool Records” log, that pool tags are collected and filed in the recipe box entering the pool area and that that visitor $’s are collected for each visitor.
.    By agreement with lifeguards, ensure that anyone entering into the pool/pavilion area (that is anywhere inside the wrot iron fence) have current year pool tags or are guests of a homeowner that has current year pool tags and pay the visitor fee of $0.50.
.    Pool committee shall collect daily log sheets as well as visitor dollars each Monday, prepare a weekly summary report, and deliver to the board at the monthly board meeting.

TCM – Representative
·    Patricia Ortiz is our TCM representative
·    Maintain a log of all reported incidents, concerns, etc., and their resolution.   This log shall be reviewed at the monthly Board meetings.
·    For any incidents of a HS&E or potential serious nature, TCM shall forward the information immediately to the Board with recommendation for resolution if not already resolved by Houston Recreation Management.  Less serious incidents shall be reported to the Board during the monthly meeting.
·    After the pool opens, provide pool tags to homeowners who have paid their maintenance fees as follows:
Homeowner mails the following to Patricia Ortiz, TCM, 11011 Richmond Avenue, Suite 615, Houston, TX 77042. 
1.    If you have pool tags from last year, mail your existing pool tags OR
2.    If you do not have last year’s pool tags, names of all family members requesting a pool tag and their birthdates.  Send a picture of each family member – be sure to identify each picture with the appropriate name.  NOTE:  Anyone two years or older needs a pool tag.
3.    Everyone requesting pool tags must send the following:
a.    Your address, home phone number, name of emergency contact and emergency phone number
b.    Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope so that pool tags can be returned to you.  (Or you can pick them up at the next HBTM Board meeting).
c.    Enclose a check (made payable to HBTM) for $5.00 for one (1) pool tag; or, enclose a check for $10.00 for two or more pool tags.
4.    You will be able to use the pool when you have your 2008 pool tags in-hand.
TCM will:
·    Ensure your maintenance fees have been paid.
·    Finalize your pool tags, attach the appropriate sticker, and return pool tags to you in the self-addressed stamped envelope you provided.
·    Advise the Board of pool tags approved.
·    Bring completed Registration Cards and any pool tags not mailed, to the next HBTM Board meeting.

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Swim Safety Item

As a safety issue, any person swimming through a divers path, intentionally or unintentionally, once the diver steps onto the diving board until 20 seconds until after the diver enters the water will be warned by the lifeguard.  Repeated infractions whether intentional or unintentional will result in lose of pool privileges.
As a safety issue, swimming too close to another swimmer, whether intentional or not may startle the other swimmer.  Repeated instances resulting in warning from the lifeguard, whether intentional or not, may result in lose of pool privileges.

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What must I do to have a birthday party at the pool?

A:  During normal business hours, a homeowner can bring up to ten (10) non-HBTM guests to the pool.  (This means only 10 guests per household; it does not mean that each person in a household who is 18 years or older can bring 10 guests.)  The homeowner must stay with their guests and ensure that their guests comply with Pool Rules.  The fee for each visitor is $0.50 and is payable after the homeowner and guests sign the Pool Attendance Log and before entering the pool area.  Should a homeowner like to invite more than ten (10) guests during normal business hours (for example, in the case of a sports team event, etc.), the homeowner shall contact H-Rec as well as the Board seven (7) days prior to the event to make arrangements for additional lifeguards.  The cost of each lifeguard ($25.00 per hour per lifeguard) plus the $0.50 cost per visitor is at the homeowner’s expense.  After their party, the homeowner must help with the cleanup.

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Can I have a private family function at the pool?

A:  Private Parties: 
1. Private parties may be held in the pool area before or after regular pool hours or on a day when the pool is closed.  There is no usage charge by HBTM, HOA. 
2.  Private parties shall end by 11:00 pm. 
3.  You must reserve a lifeguard for each 25 guests.  Arrangements for the lifeguard are made through Houston Recreation Management, Inc. and the cost is $25 per lifeguard for each hour worked.  You should contact H-Rec at least fourteen (14) days before your party date. 
4.  Let the Board know of the date and time of your party.  The Board requires a $100.00 cleaning deposit from the homeowner.  This must be given to the Board fourteen (14) days prior to the event.  The cleaning deposit will be returned to the homeowner after it is verified that the homeowner properly cleaned up after the party and that there was no damage to the property. 
5.  Once the pool closes for the season, typically no additional private parties will be allowed (as lifeguards may not be available) Should you have such a request, please contact the HBTM, HOA Board at least four (4) weeks before your planned date to discuss the details and reach agreement on whether this is possible. 
6.  The playground area cannot be reserved for private parties; however, any children attending the private pool party can use the playground with appropriate adult supervision and by following all rules and regulations with regard to playground usage. 
7.  And, obviously, you and your guests must at all times adhere to the stated rules and regulations as well as clean up after the party is over.

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Can Non-Residents of HBTM Reserve the pool area?

A:   In no case, can non – residents of HBTM make arrangements to use the pool for parties at any time.  Further non-residents cannot use the pool during normal pool hours unless they are the guest of a homeowner.

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Why do we have adult swim time each hour?

A:  Adult swim is required by the Red Cross as a rest period for children.

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Who can enter the pool area?

A:  Anyone entering the wrought iron fence must be prepared to show a current pool tag.  This includes: observers, parents, swimmers, etc.  Everyone must sign in; file their tag or tags in the GREEN recipe box which is alphabetized by last name.  When you start to leave be sure to sign out and take your pool tag with you.  If you bring a guest to swim a fee of .50 per guest must be paid.

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