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Harvest Bend The Meadow
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This page lists questions that our homeowners have asked about Harvest Bend The Meadows.

What are the school bus rules and how do students cross the road safely when boarding or leaving the bus?
Is there any information on safety from strangers?
What is Policy Statement for Camera Surveillance in the Playground/Pool area?
What are some safety reminders when out at and about?

Can I put my leaves or grass clippings in the storm drain?
Are there restrictions on playing loud music?
What are the rules on posting garage sale signs?
Can I use a POD Storage unit on a temporary basis?
Do I need to treat my yard for fungus?
Can I store items in the front of or along the sides of my house?

What are the School Bus Rules and How do Students Cross the Road Safely when Boarding or leaving the bus?

A: These rules are posted on every bus.  DRIVERS ARE AUTHORIZED TO ASSIGN SEATS.
1.    Listen and follow the driver’s instructions.
2.    Sit properly with your hands and feet to yourself.
3.    Keep belongings in your lap.
4.    Talk quietly and use courteous language.
5.    No eating and drinking allowed.

A:  Crossing the Road Safely
When boarding your bus follow the 10 foot rule.
·    STAY on your side of the road, far away from the traffic.
·    WAIT for the bus to stop and your driver’s signal to cross.
·    CHECK traffic both ways and then check again.
·    CROSS by walking directly across, checking traffic both ways.
·    WALK approximately 10 feet in front of the bumper and board quickly.
When leaving your bus follow the 10 foot rule.
·    WALK along the side of the road until you can see the driver.
·    STOP and wait for the driver’s signal to cross.
·    WALK/LOOK for traffic in both directions, crossing the road quickly after all vehicles have stopped.

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Is there any information on safety from strangers?

A:  The Constables strongly recommend that each parent educate their children on stranger safety and on how to recognize potential threats to your children in the neighborhood.  This information is available at the Safe Side website that was founded by John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, and Julie Clark, creator of Baby Einstein.  The URL is www.thesafeside.com/familywatchdog.

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What is the Policy Statement for Camera Surveillance in the Playground/Pool Area?

A:  To try to prevent the vandalism, trespassing, and inappropriate activity in the playground/pool area, the Board of Harvest Bend, The Meadow, has installed security cameras in the area.   This document is prepared to document our policy statement with regard to access to the security and to how violators will be dealt with.
Access to Security Cameras and the videos:  Only Board members and Mr. Norris Hayter have access to the security cameras and may view the videos. 
Marking of Area:  Signs have been posted and will continue to be posted in at least two places in the playground/pool area that state “Area Under Camera Surveillance”.
Violators/Offenders:  We have the capability to obtain date and time stamped photographs of any violators and we will be doing so. 
·    First time violators/offenders (for example, for trespassing, inappropriate activity, etc.) who have caused no damage to the property, will be sent a warning letter by our legal representative.
·    First time violators/offenders who cause damage to the property (for example, graffiti, driving in the grassy area, etc.) will be sent a letter by our legal representative giving the option of a) repairing the damage, b) paying for performing the repairs, or c) being prosecuted.
·    Second (or more) time violators/offenders for any cause will be prosecuted

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What are some Safety Reminders when out and about?

A:  Below are some good common sense suggestions:
1.    Remain alert for suspicious activity and do not hesitate to call 911.
2.    Look around for suspicious persons or vehicles when leaving or returning home, the market, shopping center, etc.
3.    When possible, walk or shop with a friend.  There is safety in numbers.
4.    When driving, keep your doors locked and windows up.
5.    Check rear view mirror when returning home (if followed drive to a well lit, populated area or local police or fire station).
6.    Survey parking lots for suspicious persons/vehicles before leaving your car and keep your keys handy.  Park in a well lit populated area if possible.
7.    Keep all doors locked and dead bolted at all times and never open your door to a stranger.

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What are the procedures for obtaining a pool tag?

 A: The current process is that a) you should have sent your pool tags to TCM along with your 2009 maintenance fee and b) the Pool Committee Chair will distribute pool tags on one evening prior to the opening date of the pool.  These dates will be announced in the newsletter and posted on the marquee at each entrance.  If you do not pick up your pool tag at that time, you will not be able to use the pool until you have a current year pool tag.  
If you are needing a new pool tag:
1.    Each pool tag issued requires a current photograph.  Bring a 1" x 1" close up photograph of each family member needing a new pool tag.  Photos will NOT be taken at the pool.
2.    Owner must bring proof of residency (i.e., drivers license, light bill, etc.).  If a new recent homeowner, bring a copy of your closing documents.
3.    A board member will confirm that all maintenance fees have been paid.
4.    You will be issued a pool tag at that time.

To obtain a pool tag after May 21, 2009, you will need to a) contact TCMI to obtain a form for completion, b) complete the form, and, c) return the form to TCMI with a current photograph for each person for whom a tag is being requested along with a special handling fee of $5.00 for one tag and $10 for two or more tags. TCMI will confirm that your maintenance fees are current and will either forward the pool tag to you or forward your information to the Pool Committee Chair who will contact you to give you your pool tag (s). 

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Who is eligible to get a pool tag?

A: Owners of a lot and their family members residing in the home on the said lot, located in Harvest Bend The Meadow (HBTM), can each get a pool tag at such time that it is confirmed that the maintenance fees and any special assessments for the current year have been paid in full by the owner. (Article VI, Section 1. a. – Amendment of By-Laws, dated July 31, 1989).  For those who are leasing property in HBTM, the owner shall have paid all maintenance fees prior to issuance of pool tags.  Pool usage Rules and Regulations are posted in the pool area and each of you shall be very familiar with these rules and regulations prior to using the pool.  NOTE 1:  Any family member two (2) years or older shall have a pool tag to be able to enter the pavilion/pool area.  NOTE 2:  Only persons have a pool tage and their paying guests can enter the pavilion/pool area inside the wrot iron fence.  If you do not have a pool tag or are not a guest of a person having a pool tag, you will not be allowed inside the pavilion/pool area.

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What must I do to have a birthday party at the pool?

A:  During normal business hours, a homeowner can bring up to ten (10) non-HBTM guests to the pool.  (This means only 10 guests per household; it does not mean that each person in a household who is 18 years or older can bring 10 guests.)  The homeowner must stay with their guests and ensure that their guests comply with Pool Rules.  The fee for each visitor is $0.50 and is payable after the homeowner and guests sign the Pool Attendance Log and before entering the pool area.  Should a homeowner like to invite more than ten (10) guests during normal business hours (for example, in the case of a sports team event, etc.), the homeowner shall contact H-Rec as well as the Board seven (7) days prior to the event to make arrangements for additional lifeguards.  The cost of each lifeguard ($25.00 per hour per lifeguard) plus the $0.50 cost per visitor is at the homeowner’s expense.  After their party, the homeowner must help with the cleanup.

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Can I have a private family function at the pool?

A:  Private Parties: 
1. Private parties may be held in the pool area before or after regular pool hours or on a day when the pool is closed.  There is no usage charge by HBTM, HOA. 
2.  Private parties shall end by 11:00 pm. 
3.  You must reserve a lifeguard for each 25 guests.  Arrangements for the lifeguard are made through Houston Recreation Management, Inc. and the cost is $25 per lifeguard for each hour worked.  You should contact H-Rec at least fourteen (14) days before your party date. 
4.  Let the Board know of the date and time of your party.  The Board requires a $100.00 cleaning deposit from the homeowner.  This must be given to the Board fourteen (14) days prior to the event.  The cleaning deposit will be returned to the homeowner after it is verified that the homeowner properly cleaned up after the party and that there was no damage to the property. 
5.  Once the pool closes for the season, typically no additional private parties will be allowed (as lifeguards may not be available) Should you have such a request, please contact the HBTM, HOA Board at least four (4) weeks before your planned date to discuss the details and reach agreement on whether this is possible. 
6.  The playground area cannot be reserved for private parties; however, any children attending the private pool party can use the playground with appropriate adult supervision and by following all rules and regulations with regard to playground usage. 
7.  And, obviously, you and your guests must at all times adhere to the stated rules and regulations as well as clean up after the party is over.

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Can Non-Residents of HBTM Reserve the pool area?

A:   In no case, can non – residents of HBTM make arrangements to use the pool for parties at any time.  Further non-residents cannot use the pool during normal pool hours unless they are the guest of a homeowner.

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Why do we have adult swim time each hour?

A:  Adult swim is required by the Red Cross as a rest period for children.

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Who can enter the pool area?

A:  Anyone entering the wrought iron fence must be prepared to show a current pool tag.  This includes: observers, parents, swimmers, etc.  Everyone must sign in; file their tag or tags in the GREEN recipe box which is alphabetized by last name.  When you start to leave be sure to sign out and take your pool tag with you.  If you bring a guest to swim a fee of .50 per guest must be paid.

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Can I put my leaves or grass clippings in the storm drain?

A:  No! Nothing including: household waste, paint, oil, or any materials.  This is both illegal and dangerous.

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My neighbor was recently playing loud music.  Are there any restrictions?

 A:  When playing music be respectful of your neighbors and obey ordinances concerning volume and times.

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What are the Rules on Posting Garage Sale Signs
A:  It has been brought to our attention that garage sale signs have been displayed on trees using nails.  Please remember that having garage sales are a privilege in our neighborhood.  Some neighborhoods cannot have them.  If you would like to have a garage sale the signs must be on a stake in the ground and they must be removed immediately after it’s over.  If you need to put a sign in another homeowner’s yard at the end of the street please ask the homeowner first.  Signs are NOT to be posted on trees or street signs.

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Can I Use a POD Storage Unit on a temporary basis?

A:  Yes, a homeowner can use a POD storage unit in their driveway for approximately 2-3 weeks.  The Board acknowledges that having a POD storage unit in the driveway for this length of time is not consistent with our Rules and regulations.  However, as the POD storage system is a new concept, the Board approved the use of the POD storage as long as a) the homeowners neighbors do not object and this is documented on the ACC form, b) the unit is stored in the driveway for less than 30 days and c) an ACC form is completed and approved prior to beginning work. 

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Do I need to treat my yard for fungus?

 A:  Yes, if your yard has a fungal infection, you should treat your yard using the directions on the product you use.  Be aware that brown patch and fungus will spread.  If not properly treated you may be infecting your neighbor’s yard.

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Can I store items in the front of or along the sides of my house?
A:   No.  Items should not be stored in the front of or along the sides of your house.  This includes trashcans, bed frames, bar-b-q pits, and other equipment.   To do so is a violation of our deed restrictions.  All items should be stored such that they are not visible from the street.

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