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Harvest Bend The Meadow
HOA Documents

Making changes to exterior of your home

If you are making changes in paint color or any other exterior improvements to your home, please remember to fill out and file an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) application before beginning to make changes.  Be mindful that approvals usually take 10 to fourteen days.  A copy of the ACC guidelines is provided for you as well as an ACC application form.

After completing the ACC form, please mail it to Ransom Daly, President, ACMP, Inc., 15840 FM 529 Rd, Suite 104,  Houston,  TX  77095 or email the completed form to  Ransom@acmpinc.com

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Guidelines
ACC Form

These are Association governing documents which we, as homeowners, must follow.  

Articles of Incorporation of HBTM HOA
By-Laws and Amendment to By-Laws, HBTM HOA
First Amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditons and Restrictions
Second Amendment to By-Laws

Procedures Required by State of Texas 2012
Display of Religious Items
       Display of Flags
       Collection and Payment Plan Policy
       Rainwater Recovery Systems
       Records Production and Records Retention Policies
       Solar Energy Devices and Roofing Materials
       HOA specific documents

State of Texas Property Code 209

What does our HBTM HOA do and why it exists

HBTM HOA Maintenance Fee Delinquency Collection Policy
       Collection Policy - summary
       Collection Policy - delinquent accounts