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Harvest Bend, The Meadow   

This page lists emergency and important telephone numbers for our community and surrounding area.   For all Harvest Bend The Meadow queries, questions or comments, please contact our property manager at Texas Community Management.

Emergency and Community Contacts
ACMP, Inc. -- Property Management Company
HOA Board of Directors
Committee Chairpersons
http://www.auntbertha.com    -- you may want to try this link for various social services in the area.

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Harvest Bend, The Meadow Home Owners Association Board of Directors

President:                       Gloria Valigura
Vice President:              Alvin Hodges
Treasurer                        Keith Austin
Secretary                        Judy Callaway
Member-at-Large          Sylvia Teague

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Committee Chairpersons

Architectural Control                Nancy Nichols, Paul Behrend, Alvin Hodges
Communications                       Judy Callaway, Sylvia Teague, and Patty Hodges
Pool                                             Patty Hodges, Gloria Valigura
Welcoming/Recreation            Lisa Behrend and Patty Hodges
Crime Watch                              Vacant
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Website and Newsletter Editor

Website and Newsletter Editor      Gloria Valigura

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