Last Updated: 6/4/21
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Harvest Bend The Meadow
Harvest Bend The Meadow is conveniently located just west of the Sam Houston Tollway on Fallbrook with
entrances at Harvest Sun and Perry.
Our neighborhood was developed in the mid to late 1980's,and consists of
297 homes with amenities that include a playground area,
swimming pool, and several active committees.
Our goal is to support neighborhood pride, caring and harmony.  Utilities are provided by
Reid Road MUD #1
and #2. 
HBTM is a proud participant in the local residential recycling program.

Welcome to the Harvest Bend The Meadow Homeowners Association web site.  This web site was created to provide a convenient source of information for current and future homeowners at Harvest Bend The Meadow.  HBTM HOA does not maintain or participate in any social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Association Contacts
- For an emergency, immediately call 911 or Pct. 4 constable at 281-376-3472.
- For Association business your primary contact is our Property Management Company, ACMP.
      -  e-mail address:  To directly e-mail Ransom Daly, click on this link
- Physical & Mailing Address:  Mr. Ransom Daly, President, ACMP, Inc., 15840 FM 529 Ste 104, Houston, TX 77095.
     - Phone:  281-855-9867

List of HBTM HOA board members
- To contact the board send an e-mail to  To directly e-mail the board, click on this link   
- call 832-986-3466, leave a message and a board member will get back with you as soon as possible.

List of Community Service contacts
Monthly HBTM HOA Board Meetings
are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Reid Road MUD #1 Building,
 11245 Harvest Bend Blvd (just off of Windfern). You are invited to attend and an agenda is provided for your information. 

Would You Like to Be On Board of HBTM HOA? -- As you may know, Alvin Hodges had to resign from the board recently.  If you are interested
in serving on the board to work toward maintaining/improving the integrity of our community following documented Rules and Regulations of
HBTM as well as State and local requirements, please send an e-mail to or to  Board responsibilities
include:  setting the budget for each fiscal year; selecting a management company that works closely with the board to manager our finances,
insurance policies, legal issues, common area services and contracts, deed restriction compliance, etc,; term is 3 years and you can run for
re-election; attend board meetings third Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at RRMUD#1 Building, 11245 Harvest Bend, etc.

Volunteers NeededThe board invites you to work on the various committees in HBTM.  We are always interested in any new ideas that homeowners have.  If interested send an e-mail to or call 832-986-3466 and we'll get back with you.  The various
committees include organizing functions for the community such as pool parties, Santa in the Park, National Night Out, and other functions
that you suggest that may be of interest to the community.  For each function, there is a budget and you will work with a small team of homeowners.  We do welcome new ideas and invite you to volunteer

Trash Pick-up
- We understand that Republic Disposal is having difficulty with their recycling program and they ask that you suspend
recycling for a while.  Put your recyclables into black garbage bags and put with the regular trash.  We understand that this is because the amount
of trash has increased by 25+% due to home renovations resulting from freeze, Covid, and not being able to hire people.  They ask for your
patience.   Update June 28, 2021, things are better, but if your garbage is not being picked-up, we advise you do an on-line "chat" with Texas Pride
Disposal.  Also, if automobiles are blocking access to the trash cans or if autos are parked perpendicular to curb thus preventing garbage truck from
ability to turn around in your cul de sac/area, they will not pick-up your garbage. 

Important Information with regard to ACC forms.  We've noticed that homeowners are beginning home/yard improvements BEFORE filing and
getting their ACC form approved.  Per the Rules and Regulations of HBTM HOA you must have an approved ACC form prior to beginning work.
Should you proceed with home/yard improvements that require an ACC, please be aware that you will receive a "cease and desist" letter which
will cost you a nominal fee.  Further, if your improvement does not meet the Rules and Regulations of HBTM HOA you will need
to remove the non-compliant work.  For more information on Architectural Control Committee Guidelines and the ACC form, please see the
link below.

Pool 2021 -- The pool will be open Tuesday thru Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. To obtain pool tags, pick-up a package at the pool entrance from the red realtor box and follow the instructions.   As the deadline for getting tags is now past, you will be contacted by the pool committee after we have received your 2021 application for pool tags and the appropriate waivers.  This may take up to 10 business days.  At the time that you pick-up your tags, you will also now need to pay $5.00 (cash only) for each tag requested.

Calendar of Events: 
--  Spring Garage Sale -- The HOA will not sponsor the Spring 2021 Community Garage Sale.  However, each homeowner can have their own sale.
-- Pool  -- Pool will open Saturday, May 29, 2021.  Hours this year will be 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Sunday.
-- Fall Garage Sale -- Possibly Saturday, October 16, 2021
-- Santa in the Park -- Possibly Friday,  December 3 or 10, 2021
Monthly Yard of Month Winners.  Congratulations to our monthly winners.  You help to keep our community at it's finest.
April -- 10843 Harvest Sun
May  -- 10814 Willowmist
June -- 10922 Willowmist
July  --  9411 Walnut Glen

Important Association Information for Homeowners

Association Governing Documents
        Association Governing Documents
        Architectural Control Committee Guidelines and ACC form

Board Meetings and Documents
      2020Annual Board Report
Board Meeting Minutes
        Financial Summary
        Board meetings held Monthly
        Elections to HOA Board
Open Letter to Homeowners (2013)
      Response to Homeowners (2018)Attachment 1Attachment 2 

      Constables and 911
      Crime Statistics - Crime Reports
      Crime Statistics - Pct 4 RRMUD#1
      Crime Statistics - Pct 4 RRMUD#2
      Crime Stoppers Website
Securing your garage door, go to:    video 

Fence Ownership
Home improvement process
Lights not shining in common areas is a neighborhood social board that contains a lot of good information.  You will need to set-up an account.  
Side Walk Repair
       Key to Pass-through gates -- send e-mail to

Pool tags  -- See information above regarding changes to this year's pool usage and pool tag distribution processes.
Trash Pick-up
       - Trash and recycling is on Saturday and Wednesdays.  You can put your garbage cans out after 6:00 p.m. the night before collection. 
       - Garbage cans must be stored out of sight by end of collection.
       - Heavy trash pick-up is on Saturdays - two items only.
       - Contact information:  Phone:  281-342-8178

         Trash cans and trash bags
         Recycling Plastic Identification Codes