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Current Events!
HBTM Community
Garage Sale
Saturday, April 14, 2018
7:00 a.m. to Noon
        Harvest Bend The Meadow
Harvest Bend The Meadow is conveniently located just west of the Sam Houston Tollway on Fallbrook with entrances at Harvest Sun and Perry.  Our neighborhood was developed in the mid to late 1980's, and consists of 297 homes with amenities that include a playground area, swimming pool, and several active committees.  Our goal is to support neighborhood pride, caring and harmony.  Utilities are provided by Reid Road MUD #1 and #2.  HBTM is a proud participatant in WCA's residential recycling program.

To Contact your Property Management Company:

Mr. Ransom Daly, President
ACMP, Inc.
15840 FM 529 Ste 104
Houston, TX 77095
Direct Phone:  281-855-9867
Email:  Ransom@acmpinc.com
To directly e-mail Ransom Daly go to this document

To contact the board send an e-mail to HBTMHOA@yahoo.com.
To directly e-mail the board go to this document

Monthly Board Meetings
Monthly HBTM HOA board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Reid Road MUD #1 Building, 11245 Harvest Bend Blvd (just off of Windfern). You are invited to attend and an agenda is provided for your information. 


Welcome to the Harvest Bend The Meadow Homeowners Association web site.

The Board of Directors of Harvest Bend The Meadow Homeowners Association (HOA) welcomes you to our public web page.  This web site was created to provide a convenient source of information for current and future homeowners at Harvest Bend The Meadow.

Important Information for Homeowners (click on this link to see information)

Upcoming Events in HBTM: 
--  Spring Garage Sale -- 2nd Saturday in April
-- Pool Opens -- Saturday, May 26 (pool tag distribtuion Wednesday, May 23, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 26 from 11:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m.)
-- Fall Garage Sale -- 2nd Saturday in October
-- Santa in the Park -- First or Second Saturday evening in December

February Board Meeting Highlights -- Directors Austin, Callaway, Hodges and Valigura were present, plus Ransom Daly of ACMP. 
Board Elections -- will be held at March 15 meeting at RRMUD#1 Bldg. starting at 7:00 p.m.  Directors Callaway and Hodges are running for re-election.
Old business
- Playwell to deliver/install new benches in playground area in February/March 2018.
-Reviewed/approved finanacials
New business
- Pool contract -- board met with Hou-Rec CEO to discuss new pool contract.  There are very few changes to the previous contract.  The yearly cost is going up slightly.
-Park lights -- several need replacement.  Board voted to convert all park lights to LED.
-2016 audit -- has been completed and Tish (Wunch & Assoc) will give a presentation on the audit at the April board meeting.
-Mosquito contract -- board approved and signed 2018 contract with Cy Creek Mosquito Control.
-Tree damage in Fallbrook esplanade - board has unsuccessfully tried to get information on person(s) who caused tree/shrub damage in Fallbrook esplanade.  Board did agree to contract Jones Road Tree Svc to try to save the damaged tree.  Further, we are awaiting a quote from EarthWorks to repair/replace the damaged shrubs.
-Hou-Rec has been contracted to repair the electrical outlets at both entrances to HBTM.
Next meeting is Thursday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. at RRMUD#1 Building.

January Board Meeting Highlights -- All board members were in attendance, plus Ransom Daly of ACMP. 
Board Elections -- will be held at March 15 meeting.  If you are interested in running for office, contact ACMP.
Old business
-Due to vandalism, repairs performed on wire under privacy fences and locks on all pass-through gates.
-Constables provided a few hours of additional patrol service during Christmas and New Year.
-Financials reviewed/approved. 
New business 
-Due to lack of action by homeowners to correct violations, several accounts are being advanced to next action level. 
-A vehicle hit a tree and destroyed shrubs in the Fallbrook esplanade.  We are working with constables to get copy of police report (if there was one) so that we can file with driver's insurance company for cost of all repairs/replacements.  -Sprinkler system backflow valve burst during freeze.  Board agreed to get Earthworks to make repairs and to install insulated covers.
Next Meeting -- February 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at RRMUD #1 Building

Important Information for Homeowners

Constables and 911
Crime Statistics - Crime Reports
Crime Statistics - Pct 4 RRMUD#1
Crime Stoppers Website
Elections to HOA Board
Fence Ownership
Garage Door --
For information about securing your garage door, go to:    video 
Garbage Pick-up -- For more details visit www.TexasPrideDisposal.com.  Phone:  281-342-8178.
HOA Board e-mail address
Home improvement process
Lights not shining in common areas
Monthly board meetings

Open Letter to Homeowners
Pool tags - Pool will open in May of 2018 
Rewards offered
Recycling program
Recycling Plastic Identification Codes
Side Walk Repair
Trash cans and trash bags
Why does the HBTM HOA exist?
State of Texas Property Code 209 (governs HOA's/POA's)

Homeowners -- If you need a key to the pass-through gates (to HCFCD property) for exercise purposes, please send an e-mail to HBTMHOA@yahoo.com and we will be in-touch with you.