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Current Events!
Annual HBTM Community
Garage Sale
Saturday, April 8
7:00am to 12:00 Noon

        Harvest Bend The Meadow
Harvest Bend The Meadow is conveniently located just west of the Sam Houston Tollway on Fallbrook with entrances at Harvest Sun and Perry.  Our neighborhood was developed in the mid to late 1980's, and consists of 297 homes with amenities that include a playground area, swimming pool, and several active committees.  Our goal is to support neighborhood pride, caring and harmony.  Utilities are provided by Reid Road MUD #1 and #2.  HBTM is a proud participatant in WCA's residential recycling program.

To Contact your Property Management Company:

Mr. Ransom Daly, President
ACMP, Inc.
16650 Pine Forest Lane
Houston, TX 77084-7211
Direct Phone:  281-855-9867
Email:  Ransom@acmpinc.com
To directly e-mail Ransom Daly go to this document

To contact the board send an e-mail to HBTMHOA@yahoo.com.
To directly e-mail the board go to this document

Monthly Board Meetings
Monthly HBTM HOA board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Reid Road MUD #1 Building, 11245 Harvest Bend Blvd (just off of Windfern). You are invited to attend and an agenda is provided for your information. 


Welcome to the Harvest Bend The Meadow Homeowners Association web site.

The Board of Directors of Harvest Bend The Meadow Homeowners Association (HOA) welcomes you to our public web page.  This web site was created to provide a convenient source of information for current and future homeowners at Harvest Bend The Meadow.

Important Information for Homeowners (click on this link to see information)

Monthly Board Briefs and Current Information for Homeowners:

April -- Yard of Month -- Congratulations to 10834 Harvest Sun for being named Yard of Month. 

March  -- Congratulations to Sylvia Teague and Keith Austin for their re-election to the board of directors of HBTM HOA.  For your information here's the board report for 2016

Annual Spring Garage Sale - will be held on Saturday, April 8, 2017, from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon.  HBTM homeowners get your excess items, put on your driveway, and prepare to sell your items.  Typically we have a lot of buyers come through our subdivision during our community garage sales.  Also, RRMUD#1 will provide an on-site constable during the garage sale.  Good luck with your sale!.

Annual HBTM HOA Homeowners Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 16, at 7:00 p.m. at RRMUD#1 Building (11245 Harvest Bend Blvd).  Board elections will be held at the meeting.  Sylvia Teague and Keith Austin are running for re-election.  If you would like to run for the board, please send a brief resume to Ransom Daly at ransom@acmpinc.com soonest.  You will be receiving your ballots/proxies in the mail soon.  Be sure to vote!!!

January -- For your information, here are the January board briefs.
Remember, your 2017 maintenance fees are now due.

Change in Garbage Pick-up -- Today we were notified that RRMUD#1 has a new contract with Texas Pride for garbage pick-up in our subdivision.  Garbage pick-up will continue to be early on Wednesdays and Saturdays; however, recycling will only be picked-up on Saturdays.  For more details visit www.TexasPrideDisposal.com.  If you need to call, their phone number is 281-342-8178.  Each of you should have received a new black recycling bin. We have been advised that both the black and blue bins will be accepted for recycling.

December - Santa in the Park was once again a great event.  We had approximately a hundred children and adults visit with Santa and enjoy the delicious cookies, hot chocolate, cider, popcorn and picture coloring.  A special thanks to Kroger (Jones at West) for donating one-half of the cookies.  A thanks to the volunteers who helped to decorate and to make sure everyone had a good time (Maxine, Yvonne, Judy, Keith, Calvin, Gloria).  A very special thanks to Patty Hodges for organizing, shopping, and pulling everything together and, of course, to Santa Claus. We would not have had this great event without the volunteers.

Best Christmas Decorations
- The Christmas decorations in our subdivision are really quite something this year.  Quite frankly, they are all just beautiful and some are most imaginative!  Congratulations to the winners of this year's decorating contest.  The judges, who do not live in our subdivision, must have had a difficult time selecting the winners.
First Place -- 9315 Walnut Glen
Second Place -- 9602 Twilight Moon
Third Place -- 10814 Willowmist

Santa In The Park - scheduled for Saturday, December 17 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Santa looks forward to talking with all the children in our community.
Board Briefs -- Here are the November board briefs
Garage Sale - We had another successful community garage sale.  Thirty plus (30+) homeowners participated in the sale.  Hopefully you were able to sell many things and get a few extra dollars for Christmas.  Many thanks to RRMUD#1 (Bob Brengle) for once again providing constable patrols during the garage sale.
Board Briefs - Here are the October board briefs.

NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS:  An access gate has been installed in the privacy fence in the pool/playground area for those who wish to exercise on the HCFCD property.  If you would like to have a key to use this access gate for exercise purposes, please send an e-mail to HTMHOA@yahoo.com.  HCFCD will in the very near future lock the gates at the GoodSpring and Perry cut-throughs. 

Community Garage Sale - Fall Community Garage Sale will be held Saturday, October 15 from 7:00 to 12:00 Noon.  Be sure to put your sale items on your driveway.  RRMUD#1 will provide a constable. 
Yard of Month -- Congratulations to 10819 Spring Shadows for being selected October Yard of Month.
Capital Improvements in our Community - Please notice that the wrought iron fence surrounding the pool has been replaced as well as a new privacy fence in the pool/playground area.  Our contractor sure did a good job with the installations.  In the near future HCFCD to put locks on the wrought iron gates at the Goodspring and Perry cut-throughs and access to HCFCD property will be off of Fallbrook or through the access gate installed in the new privacy fence.


Cy Fair School classes have begun.  Here are some school safety tips from Pct. 4 Constable Mark Herman.
Yard of Month -- Congratulations to 10807 Rustling Winds for being selected as September Yard of Month.

Capital Improvements in our Community
1)  The wrought iron fence around the pool is being replaced.  After many years of repairs, the time has come to totally replace the fence.  You'll notice that one section of the fence is currently being held up with locked bicycle chains.

2)  When the pool fence project is complete, the privacy fence in the pool/playground area will be replaced.  A self-locking gate will be added to this privacy fence for use by those who exercise on the HCFCD property.  Any homeowner who would like a key to this gate, please send an e-mail to HBTMHOA@yahoo.com.  You will be assigned a numbered key that cannot be duplicated.  At that time, HCFCD will lock the wrought iron gates at the Goodspring and Perry cut-throughs.  Here is a statement we have received from HCFCD management: 
"The District allows passive use of its channels.  Things like walking your dog, jogging or riding a bicycle are considered passive use and are fine.  The District does NOT allow any unauthorized vehicles on its channels.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed (no ATVs, no motorcycles, cars, etc.)".

The cost of these capital improvements will come from HBTM HOA's contingency reserve fund.  As required by the HOA Rules & Regs, a percentage of the yearly budget is set aside for capital improvements such as this.

August - Congratulations to 10906 Willowmist for being selected August Yard of Month.

July - Congratulations to 10822 Harvest Sun for being selected July Yard of Month.
July board briefs can be viewed here.

June - Congratulations to 10835 Harvest Sun for being selected June Yard of Month.

May -- Congratulations to 9522 Walnut Glen for being selected May Yard of Month. 
May board briefs can be viewed here.

March/April -
April Yard of Month - Congratulations to 10822 Willowmist for being selected as April Yard of Month.  Homeowners, keep up the good work.

- Board briefs can be viewed here. 


Important Information for Homeowners

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